Tony Cook


About me

Hello, I'm Tony Cook. I am the co-founder of the creative design agency CuCo.

I have been working in the industry since 1997, am qualified to Degree level in Graphic Communication, and since graduating I have worked in both small and large advertising/design agencies in and around Bournemouth.

During my career I have worked with a range of clients from Merlin Entertainment Group (The Dungeons, SeaLife), Experian, Procter & Gamble, The RNLI, ELC, Euro Disney, Tetra, Dimplex, The Tank Museum, Bournemouth International Airport and many more

I launched CuCo in 2008 along with Christian Cutler. We are an award-winning integrated creative agency and work alongside companies and organisations across the UK, Europe, the US and Australia.

I am passionate about this industry and more importantly about making your brand succeed in yours – through great ideas and a passion for all things creative done professionally and properly. Have a look a CuCo's website and check out our portfolio to give you a flovour of what we have produced for others, or drop us a line to arrange a time for us to pop around for a chat to show you how we could help you.



Wolverhampton Uni Degree

My degree course was modular based and so I have a joint 2:1 degree in Design for communication (Electronic Media and Graphic Communication).

The Electronic Media modules covered elements of video and 3D. We were introduced to: recording into a studio; location shooting – inside and out; working with cameras, lighting and sound; tape-to-tape editing. These modules were taken throughout the first and second years which culminated in a joint venture with the drama students of producing a 30 minute short story which was shown in the local Art Centre/Cinema.

The Graphic Communications modules covered Marketing, Graphic Design and Advertising – within which I leant towards the Advertising side of things, as that is where I wanted my career to go. Within the Advertising modules we entered several student awards of which I was nominated for one.

In my final year I was entered into the 1996 Creative Design Awards (Newspaper Society) and was awarded a ‘Certificate of Merit’ for my execution of a Rio Soft Drink advert. The aim was to stimulate summer sales by creating a ‘fun’ orientated ad showing some form of ‘rapid injection’ of enjoyment. Targeted at 15-28 year olds. Proposition: “It’s 5,741 miles away from any other drink.


St Peters – Bmth A-Level

4 A-levels in Art, Design Communication, Computer Studies and General Studies.


St Peters – Bmth GCSE

11 GCSE’s including English, Maths, Science, Art, Design Communication, Computer Studies, Business Studies



CuCo Creative Director

At CuCo I am closely involved with clients, listening, understanding their needs. Working at all levels from brochures to the design and organisation of web sites. Dealing with production flow to print and press. Visit our website to learn more about us.

Clients have included: Merlin Entertainment (Dungeons, Sealife), Experian, Bournemouth Council, Horizon Motor Co (Mazda, Honda, Suzuki, Nissan, Citroen), Adventure Wonderland, Athelhampton House & Gardens, P&G, Bournemouth Oceanarium and New Forest Hotels.


The MAD Agency Director

At MAD I was closely involved with clients, listening, understanding their needs. Working at all levels from brochures to the design and organisation of web sites. Dealing with production flow to print and press.

I had two designers who worked with me, myself and the Creative Director feed them work – but we tried and let them build their own relationship with clients that they worked with, we liked to remove the chinese whispers problem.

I also dealt with the flow of work through the studio, getting media booked in with the media buyers, organising print quotes, supplying work ready for suppliers to work from, sorting out timesheets, preparing job bags for invoice, etc . I dealt with all the IT questions that the other staff have and solved any IT related problems.

Am was only designer at The MAD Agency that could also deal with web construction although I was teaching these skills to the designers under me.

Clients included: The RNLI, Daisy & Tom (part of ELC), The Royal Navy, Bournemouth Council, NHS, Horizon Motor Co (Mazda, Honda, Suzuki, Nissan, Citroen), Britannia Removals, David Lloyd, Esporta.


CCA Senior Designer

Working directly under the Creative Director, I was there to work up and develop his initial paper based designed, I was also given by own creative jobs to work on, including the redesign of the three Olymipian Motor Co group companies; Olymipian Renault, Olymipian Nissan and Olymipian Used Cars.

As CCA moved into web design I moved with it, and spend 6 months working on the Tetra Virtual Pond mini site. This was all constructed within Flash and eventually would be tied into shopping list generator for you to take dozen to your nearest tetra supplier.

Clients include: Euro Disney, Tetra, Dimplex, Olymipian Motor Co (Renault & Nissan)


The Finger Designer

I was hired as their first full time designer. Creating concept ideas with the Creative Director, working up those concepts to mac artwork, art direction of projects, responsible for the art direction of photo shoots. I also dealt with production flow to press and print.

Clients include: Select Recruitment, The Tank Museum, Houseworks Home Stores, Bournemouth International Airport, Freshney Place Shopping Centre


The Walker Agency (Placement)

This was my second placement with the Walker Agency, which I wanted to do during my second/third year at university as an additional bit of experience. Here I worked under the Creative Director and several small jobs for Condor Ferries, Calor Gas and Teachers Insurance.


CCA (Placement)

Sixth Form work placement, given the set ‘Work Experience’ projects to do. Worked in the studio along side on of the senior designers.

Got an further understanding of how an agency worked.


The Walker Agency (Placement)

The start of the spark of my future career, was lit here on my 5th year/year 11 work experience, given the set ‘Work Expeience’ projects to do. Worked in the studio along side on of the creative director.

Got an understanding of how an agency worked.

Mac & Me

my macs

I first became interested in macs while on placement during my A-levels. Knowing that this was the industry I wanted to end up in, I knew that this computer was going to play a bit part in my life – so I’d better go get one.

The first was an LCII 16MHz with a 80mb hard drive and a whopping 4MB of RAM which was upgraded to 8mb. (My first every computer was an Amiga 500 with no hard drive and 500KB of Ram which I upgraded to a whole 1MB.) This was the machine that accompanied me to uni.

During the 2nd year I upgraded to a 6100, one of the first PowerMacs. This ran at 66MHz with 500MB HD and 8mb of ram which I’d upgraded to 16MB. I also fitted a new 1gb HD and an internal x2 CD reader into it. This machine came with a DOS card, which can in handy as my degree also was made up with a 3D graphic modules – in which I had to use 3D Studio.

my travels

Next in line was G4 running at 400MHz with a 10GB HD and 128MB of RAM – up’ed to 1GB. This one now lives at work as a raid file server at work.

Then came my Powerbook G4 1GHz, with 40GB HD 256MB, 1.25GB of ram, 200GB. It was hooked up to a firewire HD, a 250GB ethernet HD and 20inch Formac monitor, plus use as a portable.

Next came a 2006 Intel Mac Mini 1.66GHz, then a late 2009 Mac Mini Core 2 Duo, then a 2012 Mac Mini i7, and now I'm working on a 2018 Man Mini i7 with an eGPU running a RX Vega 64. Alongside this, is the inevitable iPad, originally a gen 1, then a gen 4 then an Air 2 and now an gen 7.

And at for work I used a 27″ iMac 3.4GHz with 1TB and 24GB of ram.

Additionally I now use the ’09 Mac Mini as a Personal Video Recorder and HiFi running off our smart TV in the lounge, although it's functionaly of running Plex has now been taken over by a Synology.

I’ve also got myself an 1G iPod Shuffle, 30Gb 5G Video iPod, 3G iPod Shuffle, 5G iPod Nano, 3GS iPhone, iPhone 5 – all of which have been replaced by the iPhone SE.


  • Wacom Cintiq Pro
  • LG UltraFine 5K Display x2
  • MacBook Pro 13" Space Grey M1
  • Apple Colour Classic – nice and retro


my travels

Just some of the places I've been to: Los Angeles, Valetta - Malta, Bodrum - Turkey, Czech Republic, Paris, Toronto, Milan, Tunis, San Francisco, New York, Boston, Sorento - Italy, Miami, San Diego, Kuala Lumpa, Penang, Singapore, Sicily, Hong Kong, Brisbane, Cairns, Uluru, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Sydney, Surfers Paridise, Johannesburg, Cape Town, Cork, Killarney, Dublin, Kaprun - Austria, Münster - Germany, Lake Garda - Italy, Mallorca, Canary Islands, Orlando, to be continued...